A Brief History

In The Beginning

CheeseCrisps were born of an idea from my childhood.  A babysitter ruined a grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese all ran out onto the grill and cooked crisp.  That was the best part of the sandwich!  So, from the time I was allowed to use  my mother's stove, I tried to recreate that ‘mistake’ without the bread.  By the time I had a family of my own, I had perfected the technique and was making toasted cheese chips for family and friends.  One summer, I went to a local Farmer's Market to see if they would sell.  Customers raved about them and came back over and over to get more.  Soon I was able to get into supermarkets, meat markets and specialty wine & cheese shops.  Now you can find my Gourmet CheeseCrisps in over 50 locations throughout the Midwest.