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Parmesan is classic.  This chip has a true parmesan flavor that goes with vegetables, soups and salads.  Try it with some Brie and figgy spread on it!  Or, just enjoy it with a glass of wine.


Cheddar is the Original CheeseCrisp.  It is the best part of a grilled cheese sandwich, the part that spilled on the griddle!  It is great on a bowl of chili or with some salsa.

Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda is a unique experience.  With a mild flavor and a smoky finish, this chip goes with hearty soups, some guacamole and your favorite wine

Warm Brie on a Parmesan CheeseCrisp With a little Figgy Jam on top is a special treat

Your favorite Salsa on a Cheddar CheeseCrisp adds some Zing to your day.

Guacamole on a Smoked Gouda CheeseCrisp is just Incredible.  You have to try it.

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